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Kenneth J  Mann

Writer & Author

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During my 27+ years as an organizational change and development consultant, I produced the following types of writing:

Collaboratively wrote change management communications to all levels of organizations and to customers.

As an independent communications consultant, wrote, edited, and coordinated production and delivery of marketing literature, executive presentations, speeches, press releases, proposals, and employee news magazines and newsletters.

Led a team of five marketing communicators and technical writers in developing communications and technical training materials for a mapping information management organization, as well as a seismic manufacturing and services company.

As an Air Force intelligence analyst, prepared, analyzed, and presented flight operations reports and presentations to senior staff.

Trained by Texaco as a Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award examiner, serving in that capacity for 4 years and helping Texaco measure and improve approaches related to leadership, strategic planning, customer focus, measurement, and process management.  This involved gathering needed info from 11 operating units and writing an official MBNQA Application, averaging 100-125 pages each year.

Researched, wrote, edited, and published a book in 2021, entitled, “Ugada Be Kid’n Me: Lightening Up About Life.  ASIN: B099R2M96J


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Like the contents of many books, the one you hold in your hands has been inside its author,  aching to get out since he was a teenager in the 1960s. Not the specific content so much as an intent to share the world as Ken sees it - sardonically, humorously, ridiculously, admiringly, comically, bittersweetly, tongue-in-cheekly (yea, I know it’s not a word), uproariously, wryly, amusingly, lightheartedly, absurdly, screamingly, pricelessly, farcically, and waggishly. 


Put that all together and you will have the lens Dr. Mann looks through every day. This book contains his original writing designed to help you lighten up as you read it, in any order., on any page. Parts 1-8 are Lightening Up About Ourselves, Relationships, Work, Money, Health, Politics, Religion, and Growth & Change.


Each part contains at least one of each of the following types of writing related to that part’s topic:


  • ProFUNdity - A made up quote by made up person on the topic.

  • Mindful Musing - An original rant or essay on the topic.

  • Divine Doggerel - Poetry aiming to be heavenly but often not.

  • Petite Parable - An original on-topic short-short story.

  • Tacit Toon - A crude original and tacitly related cartoon.

Here’s to lightening up!

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